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Amada Breast Pump

Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump is most popular double electric
breast pump with independent cycle, 0-60 min and suction, 215mm Hg
max, controls for complete control of the let-down reflex.
The Ameda Lactaline Personal dual electric breast pump has proven to be
an extremely reliable and efficient pump and represents excellent value for
money. Custom Control Dual suction and speed adjustability allows moms
to choose from a total of 32 combinations—for the best comfort and milk
flow every time.
Proven Airlock Protection means our diaphragm barrier keeps the air from
your pump from coming in contact with your milk. You don’t have to clean
the narrow tubing, and your milk stays purely yours.


  • Dual bottle set.
  • Keeps the milk pure.
  • Adjustable speed of suction 32 combinations.

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