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DVT 7700 Pump

DVT 7700 Pump is a compressible limb therapy system which is used by the patients suffering from blood circulation disorder (Deep Vein Thrombosis, pneumatic embolism, varicose veins). The DVT Pump helps the patient to restore the blood disorder by applying pressure to the affected area.
The DVT 7700 is a digital updated model of wonjin company. It has a battery backup of 8 hrs. This DVT Pump is fully digital and automatic, can also be operated manually, it has 4 manual modes all with different pressure and time interval settings. One could easily use it on a desired pressure & time interval or as described by the doctor.


  • Fully Digital & Automatic mode of Operation.
  • 4 different Manual modes with different pressure & time settings.
  • Provide 8 hrs battery backup.
  • Easy to use, no installation required, light weight.
  • Leg, calf, foot cuffs available in different sizes.
  • High quality of caffs.
  • Large LCD display with leg picture showing the operation state.

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