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Prime Full Fowler Hospital Bed

Prime Full Fowler Hospital Bed is a manual care bed that can be used to adjust patient’s body position to adopt to different statuses such as sitting up, sitting flat, half lying, lying flat, etc. This bed is designed with standard bed body and its head and foot board can be detachable, the board has good steadiness and complete formats and functions. The new protected solenoid system is composed of lock group, nuts, screws, orientation ferrules, etc. which are flexible and stand up. Hidden hand – operated rocker system made of ABS materials is equipped with double – limit protective appliances, which makes operation convenient and appearance beautiful.


  • Rust poof bed
  • ABS panel on Head & leg Side
  • Available with wheels
  • Collapsible Side Rails to ensure patient safety.
  • Leg raise: 0°-45°
  • Head raise: 0°-85°
  • Length of bed 6 ft
  • Width of bed 3 ft

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